Grant and his family with Peel Police Chief Jennifer Evans

Life Is A Series Of Experiences, Which Shape And Mold Who We Have Become Today

At the age of 15 Grant Browning was broke, living on the streets, having to resort to scavenging food out of garbage cans just to survive.

After his parents divorced, the trust he once had, was broken, and it was one of the most difficult lessons he had to learn in his life. His rocky relationship with his father caused him to rebel against authority, and dropped out of high school. He went through troubling times mixing with the wrong crowd and found himself in unfortunate circumstances with no money, no job, and no clue with what to do next.

That was when Grant’s entrepreneurial spirit took hold, and he found the opportunity to turn his situation around. His hustle started young when he started up his own landscaping business, mowing lawns and taking odd jobs, always looking for new avenues to make money.

His mother offered to allow him to move in under the conditions that either he go to school, or find himself a job, and he opted for the latter knowing his father had refused to pay any type of child support.

During that time he learned a lot of business principals, that there was an unlimited stream of potential revenue to be made, money was abundant, but you have to put value in what you do.

His uncle gave him a job, and working for him left a lasting impact on his life through the values and life lessons he taught him whenever it came to always putting value in what you do. His uncle left a lasting impression on Grant through his methods of tough love, always expecting greatness in everything he did, and teaching him about discipline, not making excuses, being versatile, using his creativity to enhance productivity and always finding new opportunities for growth to reach success.

Through his relationship with his uncle, Grant developed a fierce work ethic, and learned about the foundation of business fundamentals. From there he went on to expand his horizons developing new business ventures to implement his ideas, becoming certified in social media marketing and consulting, personal and business development branding.

Grant speaking at the 2017 Toronto Caribbean Business Social.

Grant is a visionary, he is detailed oriented, and an expert at gathering information. He knows there is no such thing as a perfect moment, but knows exactly when the time comes to take action.

Carib101 Media Group was born out of a broken partnership and a chance to reinvent a mass movement of unlimited business potential. Following the response of Radio and the Toronto Caribbean Newspaper, Grant has gone on to develop the Toronto Caribbean Business Social, and the TCN Network.

In his experience Grant knows that it is always important to stay invested in the bigger picture. He is committed to leaving a lasting impact, a legacy where he can affect the world in a positive way. He is passionate about people, doesn’t stand for racism or prejudice inequality, and he’s all about pushing boundaries and helping people grow.

Grant and his mother, who is his biggest supporter and cheerleader.

Grant knows what it means to hit rock bottom, but his attitude and everything he has learned from living on the streets, to the company he has built today doesn’t allow him to give up. He has worked with many recognizable names in the Caribbean community, building relationships that get results and striving to affect the masses in a positive way.

He is family oriented, his mother’s charismatic and caring nature always inspiring him to help others. His businesses have been built on the principles of community as family first, uplifting each other to leave behind an unforgettable legacy for the generations to come.

Grant Browning
Toronto, ON

CEO/Founder of Carib101 Media Group, umbrella company for Toronto Caribbean Newspaper, TCN TV Network, Carib101Radio & Toronto Caribbean Business Social. 20 years in branding & marketing. A passion for excellence and a desire to make a positive impact!

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